Île de Ré Chocolats

Fabrication Artisanale de Chocolats - Ile de Ré Chocolats

Chocolate Craft Made on re island since 1975

Since two generations, we are established on Re Island where we make crafted chocolates and salty butter's caramels of Re Island.

At the beginning, our first workshop and shop was in Sainte-Marie de Ré.

Almost thirty years ago, we create a new workshop and a shop in Saint-Martin de Ré in the heart of Re Island.

We have also create a guided tour for discover the secret of chocolate making.

Today, we have two workshops for chocolate and caramels making, one in Saint-Martin de Ré and another one in La Rochelle.

You are welcome in thoose two spaces who are also ours two shops and show cases of all our ranges of chocolates and caramels.

See you soon !

Artisan Cocolatier de l'Ile de Ré - Ile de Ré Chocolats